Sarum Academy - 6th Form

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Says '****' a lot.Large haired twat.
Skinniest jeans.Skinny jean wearing twat.
Paedophile.Albino twat.
He who wears the Gilet.Gilet wearing twat.
'MmmBoyyss?'Absolute cock twat.
Pies.Large suit wearing twat.
'Planck's Constant?'Smiling German twat.
Flasher of the hairy chest.Hairy chested twat.
Bass playing prick.Beatboxing twat.
CUP DANCE.Nice haired twat.
Biggest prick.Sloth like twat.
God among mere men.Dopey twat.
Weirdest laugh.Blondest twat.
Quietest.Quiet looking twat.
Meathead.Meatheaded twat.

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