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Can you name the XBOX 360 GAMES BY DESCRIPTION 2?

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RACING: Cars are bought for CR and can be sold to other players through your storefront
SHOOTER: You're a spartan in this game
RACING: In this racing game you collect Kudos, and you can buy 25 GS for 1 million Kudos
RPG: In this game you recruit heroes of Strength, Skill and Will
ACTION: You're in control of Niko Bellic who completes missions in Liberty City
PUZZLE: Arcade game that comes free with your console
SHOOTER: You're in charge of Pvt. Milner and others in WW2
SHOOTER: 3rd person, involves COG tags
SPORT: Sonic and friends play tennis in this game
ADVENTURE: You're a bear and there's a bird in your backpack. Build contraptions to complete levels.

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