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What restraunt does Mike have reservations for?
What is Celia's nickname for Mike?
Where do Sulley and Mike work?
It's slogon?
Mike and Sulley's boss?
Bad guy?
Assistant to bad guy?
Monster who gets a '2319'
What's on boo's door?
'She wasn't scared of you? She was only ____!'
Odorant options?
What is boo's first drawing of?
What's the girls fake monster suit made out of?
What does boo's laughing do?
Boo's nickname for Sulley?
Sulley's full name?
Where to Sulley and Mike get banished to?
Mike's last name?
'Somebody's gotta take care you, you ___ ___ ___ ___!'
'I hope that hurt, ____ ____!'
What are Mike's attempts to make boo laugh?
Which on succeeds to make boo laugh?
Where does Randall end up?
What does scaring turn into?

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