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'I chose the impossible. I chose ________.'
Founder of Underwater City
Founder's Enemy
Name of Protagonist
Girl's Diving Suit-Clad Protector
Rivet Gun-Wielding Protector
Drill-Wielding Protector
Source of power
Genetic modifiers that give user powers
Users of too many genetic modifiers
First Voice heard on radio
The Artist ('my masterpiece')
German Scientist ('Mother Goose')
The Perfectionist Surgeon
The Smuggler
The Doctor (Talks in Third Person)
Ingredient for Lazardus Vector #1
Ingredient for Lazardus Vecor #2
Ingredient for Lazardus Vector #3
Piece of Big Daddy Suit in Library
'There's nothing like a fistful of _______'
Object in first woman's baby carriage
Number of Bodies above Surgeon's Operating Table
Murdered Anna Culpepper
Ryan's Lover
Piano Player ('Now, now, young _______')
ADAM's source
THE phrase
Type of enemy that disppears
Objects left behind by a certain female enemy that crawls on ceilings

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