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Can you name the trivia questions on the film Hook?

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Who lost his marbles?
Who directed the film?
What is Thudbutt's happy thought?
Finish the quote. Welcome back to neverland ___ ___ ___
What punishment do you get for betting against hook?
Who is seen sweeping bottles at the end of the film?
Which lost boy says 'there you are, Peter' ?
What was Rufio's dying wish?
What does Rufio throw at Peter at the food fight?
Who plays Captain James Hook?
Finish smees quote. A man so quick __ __ __ __
What is Jack's happy thought?
What is the name of Peter's wife?
What does Peter claim to be the reason for the scar on his stomach?
Finish the quote. What would the world be like __ __ __
For what reason does hook delay the war?
What year was the film released?
Finish rufio's insult. Oil-dripping, beef, fart-sniffing __ __
How do you get to neverland?
What time is it on the crocodiles clock before he swallows hook?

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