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What two specific groups are in the racist's 'other' section?
New Zealand...___ Should Come
What does the sign boss say Jemaine has?
How long has Brahbrah's dog been missing?
How many stairs are in Jemaine and Brets apartment?
Who is Greg on the phone with while being interrupted by a 'private band meeting'
What movie does Bret reference but Jemaine has no clue?
How much acid does Jemaine take?
What does Murray think DVD stands for?
When Greg shows Murray the new subway poster, what does Murray think there should be another one of?
At what airport does the band play at as part of their warm-up tour for Central Park?
How many sauces does Murray expect to get on his hotdog for 2 dollars?
How late was Mel at the aquarium until she was forced to leave?
While filiming the Lord of the Rings music video, What are around Brets feet?
What 'love' movie really affected Dave?
What excuse does Jemaine use to leave before being asked in a three-way?
What day does helmet hair night fall on?
What should the Interesting Buildings Tour be called?
What does Dave always say to use?
What does Murray call Jemaine's new Apartment?

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