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Can you name the plants whose names are mixed together?

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LettersSpecies of PlantClue
pelemafed most of Norway during a famine + monk's test subjects
rubabsherburnt tree? + stretchy tree?
mipecnant____ chip + butter ____
lillilypacadfrog's platform + flower meaning: e.g., child's first love
virolosetealso a color + ALSO also a color
azorachildeaflower meaning: refined beauty + some of these in Japan are hundreds of years old
pompospyscauses eternal slumber? + comes in nice soft beds
caittavilyfeline body part? + 1, 2, 3, don't touch me
daclisoveryflower meaning: faith + might be lucky
mishotletolleyfor Christmas wreaths + for Christmas kisses
vamnarillagoldmeasuring the _____ + plain _____
smaugaprcleanehelps on pancakes + helps in cake pans
chairbirscoustflower meaning: fragile beauty + there's a pigment named after it
owilniloownlachrymates + makes one lachrymate
milkgwereapdea Monarch's treat + a different monarch's treat?
soulivenflowerflower meaning: pure thoughts + Greek staple
honeybustucterklecrupflower which sounds delicious and is + flower which sounds tasty but isn't
dagrandeslison_____ wine + sweet _____
aclincohonaeplant which heals burns + tree which cures malaria
seacowrealedactually, this is an algae + actually, this is an animal

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