Most Popular Cryptids

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Can you name the 15 of the most popular cryptozoological creatures?

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DescriptionCryptidGeographical Location
Large, ape-like bipedNorth America
Lake monsterLake Champlain, North America
Reptile-like carnivore or hairless wild dogMexico; Puerto Rico; Texas, United States
BipedMassachuesetts, United States
Flying biped with hoovesNew Jersey, United States
Lake monsterScotland, United Kingdom
Water-dwellingRepublic of the Congo
Bright red wormGobi Desert, Asia
DescriptionCryptidGeographical Location
Winged bipedWest Virginia, United States
Lake monsterLake Okanagan, Canada
Carnivorous catWorldwide
Swamp-dwelling hominidFlorida, United States
Giant birdNorth America
Ape-like biped associated with cold climateHimalayas, Asia
Forest-dwelling hominidAustralia

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