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Newspaper Phoebe works for ___ ___ ___
Phoebe fears she's ____ in Sympathy for a Demon
the girls gram's name ___
Holly Marie Combs plays ___ ____
Which episode is this quote from, ' I am being stalked by psycho killers and I hide in the shower?!'?
Darryl's partner who got killed at the end in season 1 ___ Trudeau
Which character comes back in 'the Seven Year Witch' to help Piper?
What animal does Prue get turned into in season 3?
Shannen Doherty plays __ ___
Whitelighters help innocents or
the demon of fear's name
In 'Happily Ever After' Paige gets turned into ___ ___
the sister with the powers or premonition, levitation, and empathy __ ____
the girl's mother's name ___
to call upon our ancestors spell
Piper's husband and the girls whitelighter__ ___
' I'm not good or evil, I just am. I'm inevitable,' the Angel of
the sister that is half witch, half whitelighter ____ ___
the 48 hour mythical window where a newly empowered witch can be enticed to either___ ____ ___
Which of Cole's original powers isn’t considered lethal?
Julian McMahon plays ___ ____
James Reed plays ___

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