Proto-Indo-European animals

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Can you name the Proto-Indo-European animals in English, given another Indo-European cognate?

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PIEEnglishOther language
*bheiLithuanian: bitė
*h₃ewiLatin: ovis
*ḱwonGreel: kuon
*wewerPolish: wiewiórka
*peiskLatin: piscis
*gwouPersian: gāv
*udrasLatin: lutra
*wr̥miOld-Norse: ormr
*h₂enetiLithuanian: antis
*h₂r̥tḱoLatin: ursus
PIEEnglishOther language
*ǵhansRussian: gus' (гусь)
*uksinGothic: auhsa
*h₁eǵhiGerman: Igel
*h₁eḱwoSanskrit: aśva
*muHsPersian: muš
*porḱoDutch: varken
*wl̥kwoPolish: wilk
*morwiLatin: formica
*ghelōuOld Church Slavonic: želŭvĭ
*wopsaLatin: vespa

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