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How many Knuts in a Sickle?
How many Sickles in a Galleon?
And...How many Knuts in a Galleon?
Where did Tom Riddle work after leaving Hogwarts?
Where was Grindelwald imprisoned?
What age was Viktor Krum when he played in the Quidditch World Cup Final?
What is the Core of Harry Potters wand?
What is the family name of 'The Three Brothers'
Who is the Mother of Nymphadora Tonks and Sister of Bellatrix Lestrange?
What is the Partronus of Severus Snape?
What secondary school did Dudley Dursley attend?
What is the name of Hagrid's three headed dog?
What is the real name of Nearly Headless Nick?
What is engraved on Dobbys gravestone?
What was the first broomstick owned by Harry Potter?
Who is the editor of The Quibbler?
Who is the house ghost of Ravenclaw?
Who escorted Hermione Granger to the Slug Club Christmas Party?
In which book was Snape appointed DATDA professor?
How many children do Harry and Ginny have?

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