The Autobiography of Malcolm X Trivia

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QuestionMalcolm X Fact
When Malcolm moved to Mason, Michigan. What was his street name?
When Malcolm went to Jail. Why was he named Satan?
What was the prison slang for a new inmate, that Malcolm metions?
In Harlem Malcolm was known to be a hustler. Did he countiue a career at. Raping wemen, Drug Dealing, Killing or Pimpin'?
Macolm regrets ruining whos life?
What religion did Malcolm believe in?
E____h M______d, founder of Nation of Islam. Type the full missing words.
Pork was not eaten by those who worshiped in the ____________?
In Michigan what did Malcolm use Sophia for?
What was a rule the followers of 'The Honorable Elijah Muhammed'?

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