How to Make a Really, Really Awful Quiz

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Can you name the Ways to Make a Really, Really Awful Quiz?

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(stupid) Question(most likely stupider) Answer(idiotic) Extra Information
Where do you live?have such obvious answers that no one gets them
idk if uve enjoyed da quiz but plz tell me!do opinion answers and use text-talk
Why did the chicken cross the road?hey, jokes are questions too!
Who created this quiz?ask questions that don't require any thinking
What is the 23rd letter in the tebahpla?embed extra clues without explaining
How many sides does a circle have?the inside and the outside
How much time did you have for this quiz?mix numbers and letters
What would a fly without wings be called?yeah, even i know that was stupid
Why is the word abbreviation so long?neither do i
Hoo rote the geteesbrg adres?spel wrds how thay sound

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