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Forced Order
What animals belong to the class Cephalopoda?
How many kingdoms do scientists currently recognize?
Where do sea cucumbers live?
To what class do sea lilies and feather stars belong?
To what class do sand dollars and sea urchins belong?
________ is organisms making natural light from their bodies.
To what phylum do Crustaceans belong?
Where do abalone live?
What kind of skeleton do all arthropods have?
What does the mantle do for bivalves?
What kingdom do Algae belong to?
Scallops, clams, oysters and mussels belong to what class?
________ lines help a fish sense it's surroundings
What creatures are important to the food chain because they eat smaller creatures and are a good source of energy for many fish?
The anemone marks the ___________ so that it knows not to sting him. (Animal)
_______ algae live closer to the sun because they need the sun to photosynthesize (Green/red)
Sagitiform, Depressiform, Compressiform, Fusiform, Anguilliform, Globiform and Taeniform are all .........
Squids live in groups called ______
What information is in an organism's scientific name?
Red algae live at deeper depths because they use a different _______ that allows them to photosynthesize from a filtered sunlight
Whales, large fish, jellyfish, rays, seals and sea birds use _____ as a primary food source
What are the 5 types of fins a fish has?
What does 'mollus' mean?
Physiological and biological restrictions that limit survival are called ______. Examples are intense pressure, no sunlight, low temperatures.
Animals with hard exoskeletons _______; they shed their skins to grow
To which class do brittle stars belong?
Name an ocean zone.
_______ are made of many colonial animals, _______ are one single animal. (anemone, coral/ coral, anemone)
Who created that classification system we use for living organisms?
What pigment is necessary for an organism to be photosynthetic?
Sea stars, brittle stars, crinoids, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and sand dollars belong to what phylum?
What process do all Gastropods undergo during development?
What does 'decapoda' mean?
What class do starfish belong to?
What is different about sponge larvae? (adult vs. larvae)
What mineral do hard corals use to create their skeletons?
How does an atoll reef form?
The primary producers of the ocean are...
A __________'s shell has chambers, whereas a _________'s shell does not. (Nautilus, snail/Snail, nautilus)
How do jellyfish use bioluminescence to their advantage?
To what class do sea cucumbers belong?
Snails, slugs, clams, oysters, octopus, squids, mussels, scallops, whelks, cuttlefish, nautilus and sea hares all belong to why phylum?
To which order to shrimp, lobster and crab belong?
Sharks don't need swim bladders because their ____ are full of ______
A mantle, a foot, a radula, and an unsegmented body are all characteristics of what phylum?
What class has the characteristic of color change?
What does a funnel help Cephalopods do?
What makes cephalopods unique compared to bivalves and gastropods?
What time of day do corals prefer to eat?
What is one property needed for something to be considered alive?
What do coral polyps eat?
What characteristics do all Cnidarians have in common?
Sea hares secrete a milky substance, distasteful because of the _____ they eat, as a defense mechanism.
Is brown kelp a nuisance or beneficial to the ocean ecosystem?
What phylum do sponges belong to?
What allow Echinoderms to stick to surfaces?
What does 'bivalve' mean?
What is photosynthesis?
The starfish's anus is on the (top/bottom) of their body
Long slender legs and a central disk for organs are characteristics of what creatures?
What holds algae in place?
What is the siphon used for?
________ are different than other crustaceans because they attach themselves to surfaces—not free swimming
What do decapods have to protect the organs?
Bivalves have (internal/external) reproduction.

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