Wrestlers by former gimmick

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Can you name the Wrestlers by their former ring names?

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Former ring nameCurrent/Latest Ring Name
Lance Hoyt
Low Ki
Sexton Hardcastle
Naofumi Yamamoto
Isaac Yankem
Boris Alexiev
Terra Ryzing
Nigel McGuinness
Elijah Burke
'Mean' Mark Callous
Brett Major
Mr. Kennedy
Kerwin White
The Prototype / Mr. P
Curry Man
Oleg Prudius
Former ring nameCurrent/Latest Ring Name
T.J. Wilson
The Giant
Nicky (Spirit Squad)
Dos Caras, Jr.
Matt Sydal
Dudley Boyz
Alexis Laree
The Young Bucks
Windham Rotunda
Sterling Golden
Ron Killings
Bryan Danielson
Scotty Flamingo
Vinnie Vegas
Starship Coyote
Black Reign
Johnny Nitro
Austin Starr

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