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Leave me alone a little while, Maybe it's not too late
If I show you, I don't think you'd understand
I cannot get it out of my mind
I'm safe (I'm safe) I'm sound (sound)
I coulda been like all the others Is that what I'm supposed to do?
So don't apologize, you don't even realize
Find yourself, cause I can't find you Be yourself, who are you?
I'm waking up to say I've tried
I thought it would be hard but I'm OK
So open up your heart Help me understand
It's not supposed to feel this way I need you
It never crossed my mind That there would be a time
What’s wrong with my tongue These words keep slipping away
All the time that I spent with you everyday I think is running down the drain.
Anything I wanna do, anything I'm gonna do Anything I wanna do I do

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