One Movie, Multiple Roles

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Can you name the film from the actors who played multiple roles?

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Actor (Year)MovieRoles
Nicolas Cage (2002)
Eddie Murphy (1996)
Mike Myers (1997, 1999, 2002)
Peter Sellers (1964)
Lindsay Lohan (1998)
Lindsay Lohan (2007)
Buster Keaton (1921)
Mel Brooks (1974)
Mel Brooks (1987)
Jason Lee (2001)
Ben Affleck (2001)
George Burns (1984)
Leonardo DiCaprio (1998)
Actor (Year)MovieRoles
Charlie Chaplin (1940)
Arsenio Hall (1988)
Jack Nicholson (1996)
Jeremy Irons (1988)
Kim Novak (1958)
Meg Ryan (1990)
Hayley Mills (1961)
Ben Stiller (1995)
Ben Stiller (1996)
Cheech Marin (1996)
Jean Claude Van Damme (1991)
Rose McGowan (2007)

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