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Who...John or Edward?
Who's the oldest?
Who's got more muscles?
Who's got bigger lips?
Who's the best bubble gum blower?
Who said ‎'I'm in a hot tub and it's hot and I'm hot right now... In a, in, a hot tub way' ?
Who use to be on the left? (Their point of view)
Who said 'I’ve got boobs and they need to be played with.' ?
Who has Kevin as a middle name?
Who's got pierced ears?
Who tricks his twin to eat a hot pepper in Let Loose?
Who 'married' Amy Childs?
Who's running around in the 200 000 followers video?
Who use to have an open mouth on pictures?
Who can scream the loudest?
Who's got straight teeth?
Who...John or Edward?
Who's got a pointy ear?
Who's the tallest?
Who's dancing to 'All the single ladies' ?
Who dress up as Sulley from Monsters Inc. and say BING?
Who's got a scar on the fore head?
Who use to say 'what the hell'?
Who teaches people: How to have a shower?
Who use to say 'so cool'?
Who's the fastest at texting?
Who went home earlier from the hospital when they were born?
Who hurt his leg at T4?
Who's better at fixing the hair?
Who's got a birth mark on the chest?
Who has Richard as a middle name?
Who does the 'sign parts' in the 500 000 followers video?

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