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Nintendo, from Abra to Zelda
A: An evolved Kadabra
B: The title of protagonists and hammer throwing creatures in the Super Mario series
C: A weapon in Zelda: A link to the past, used to create a protective barrier around link by using magic
D: Tiny Kongs older sister
E: Yoshi's throwing weapon in Yoshi Story to N64
F: Game series including the characters Steve Fox, Michael Chain and Black Shadow
G: The poetic witch in the Banjo-Kazooie games
H: The 1-hit-KO weapon in Super Smash Bros.
I: The owner of the sword, Ragnell in Fire Emblem
J: Mario's original name
K: The 4th course in Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 64
L: Name of the Ranch in the Legend of Zelda seires
M: The bomb throwing boss in Super Mario Bros. 2
Nintendo, from Abra to Zelda
N: The games that originally invented the annoying dog in Super Smash Bros Brawl
O: Captain of S.S. Dolphin and an employee of Hocotate Freight Company
P: The name of James and Fox Mccloud's friend and colleague
Q: The queen in Zelda: Oracle of ages (and partly Seasons) to Gameboy
R: Kirby's mouse-like friend
S: The Gameboy Advance with backlit screen
T: One of the princess' many nicknames, that is also considered to be her last name
U: Evolved bear PKMN found near Silver Cave in Pokémon Gold
V: Weapon in Super Mario 2, used to kill Shy Guys, Birds and other bad guys
W: The currency on Nintendo Wii
X: Woman you kill in the Jungle Course in Goldeneye 007
Y: Move learned by Slakoths and Gulpins (among others) in PKMN
Z: Game in the Resident Evil series made to Gamecube

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