Words Beginning With 'Scr-'

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Can you name the words that begin with the letters 'scr-'?

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Close or minute examination
Shabby; untidy
Gaunt and bony
A small piece or bit
To crumple or squeeze
A play in Rugby
A mean-spirited miserly person
To leave a scene at once
To make a loud piercing sound
A cylindrical rod with a helical or spiral threads
A board game in which words are formed
To write hurriedly without heed to legibility or style
What you're looking at
A high-pitched, strident cry
The text of a play, broadcast, or movie
To make a thin shallow cut or mark on a surface
A piece of lean or bony meat
A roll, as of parchment or papyrus
To move or climb hurriedly
To obtain by begging or borrowing

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