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QuoteColin (Enter Farrell or Firth)
He's such a sweetheart and a down-to-Earth guy.
I'm not that stupid. I just don't think sometimes.
It made me uncomfortable.
I haven't paid my dues. I think I have been lucky.
He's great to be around. The man has incredible heart.
The greatest part about the movie is wrapping every day.
Colin is the sort of name you give your goldfish for a joke.
I was gearing up for it. I took some singing lessons.
I kept saying 'Bang bang' and they kept having to cut.
The last three years have been insane, you know, just insane.
QuoteColin (Enter Farrell or Firth)
It was a delicious experience.
There was quite a lot of your rear end that didn't make it either.
I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. I don't have any plans. I don't have a map.
Forget trying to be sexy. That's just gruesome.
I always thought the biggest failing of Americans was their lack of irony.
The English people, a lot of them, would not be able to understand a word of spoken Shakespeare.
As much as the next person, I want to be approved of, but I'm not greedy for that stuff.
I don't go to the gym or practice yoga.
Too perfect for the part.
I think I'm still trying to find my feet as an actor.

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