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Can you name the water type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Buizel Lv24
Alomomola Lv5
Huntail Lv46
Prinplup Lv33
Clauncher Lv12
Frillish Lv13
Shellder Lv25
Kingler Lv56
Relicanth Lv57
Blastoise by MoveTutor
Kingdra Lv60
Swampert Lv39
Octillery Lv25
Kyogre Lv45
Shellos Lv22
Dewott Lv17
Panpour Lv22
Lumineon Lv66
Volcanion Lv85
Carracosta by HM
Totodile Lv6
Mudkip by MoveTutor
Vaporeon Lv17
Greninja Lv36
Marill Lv5
Wailmer Lv34
Seaking Lv40
Phione Lv39
Squirtle Lv10

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