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Can you name the psychic type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Swellow Lv49
Kadabra Lv24
Slowbro Lv43
Tentacool Lv29
Gardevoir Lv33
Psyduck Lv15
Baltoy Lv31
Haunter Lv39
Chimecho Lv46
Uxie Lv36
Sigilyph Lv38
Beheeyem Lv56
Umbreon Lv45
Bronzong Lv52
Audino Lv35
Jirachi Lv50
Woobat Lv15
Manaphy Lv76
Hoopa Lv85
Drowzee Lv1
Bronzor Lv9
Alakazam Lv1
Espurr Lv13
Cresselia Lv84
Latios Lv35
Spoink Lv21
Lunatone Lv53
Meditite Lv4
Natu Lv17
Wobbuffet Lv1
Latias Lv35
Yamask Lv33
Espeon Lv45
Medicham Lv49
Munna Lv11
Metang Lv41
Deoxys Lv89
Gallade Lv36
Noctowl Lv57
Solosis Lv25
Mewtwo Lv100
Inkay Lv13
Carbink Lv18
Snorlax Lv28
Mr. Mime Lv43
Aromatisse Lv44
Clefairy Lv28
Chatot Lv49
Gothitelle Lv45
Abra Lv1
Banette Lv58
Porygon-Z Lv1
Solrock Lv53
Girafarig Lv41

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