Pokémon Attacks- Ice

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Can you name the ice type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Remoraid Lv14
Avalugg Lv42
Vanilluxe Lv59
Kyurem Fused w/Zekrom
Aurorus Lv77
Walrein by TM
Kyurem Lv50
Glaceon Lv37
Cryogonal Lv21
Spheal Lv13
Articuno Lv43
Kyurem Fused w/Reshiram
Croconaw Lv21
Jynx Lv18
Snover Lv26
Cloyster Lv50
Shellder Lv13
Snorunt Lv13
Suicune Lv36
Cubchoo Lv5
Lapras Lv50

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