Pokémon Attacks- Ground

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Can you name the ground type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Cubone Lv7
Mandibuzz Lv51
Marowak Lv21
Trapinch Lv21
Hippopotas Lv19
Excadrill Lv55
Claydol Lv40
Piloswine Lv46
Stunfisk Lv61
Zygarde Lv26
Numel Lv8
Wooper Lv19
Marshtomp Lv16
Barboach Lv6
Bunnelby Lv13
Groudon Lv45
Dugtrio Lv1
Gible Lv3
Sandslash Lv23
Pineco Lv28
Zygarde (Speculated)
Zygarde (Speculated)

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