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Can you name the grass type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Lotad Lv5
Meganium Lv60
Exeggcute Lv17
Cottonee Lv37
Jumpluff Lv44
Cradily Lv56
Trevenant Lv35
Torterra by MoveTutor
Maractus Lv26
Pansage Lv34
Chespin by MoveTutor
Roselia Lv22
Floette Lv27
Sawsbuck Lv37
Lileep Lv15
Grovyle Lv29
Serperior Lv62
Snivy Lv16
Skiddo Lv12
Celebi Lv19
Grotle Lv27
Cacturne Lv53
Lilligant Lv50
Vileplume Lv53
Carnivine Lv50
Ivysaur Lv20
Pumpkaboo Lv48
Shaymin Lv100
Petilil Lv10
Venusaur Lv53
Chesnaught Lv36
Paras Lv22
Oddish Lv15
Leafeon Lv33
Tangela Lv7
Snover Lv36
Sunkern Lv19

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