Pokémon Attacks- Flying

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Can you name the flying type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Gligar Lv22
Farfetch'd Lv9
Lugia Lv43
Golbat Lv28
Masquerain Lv47
Jumpluff Lv64
Staraptor Lv49
Chatot Lv21
Ducklett Lv6
Rayquaza by MoveTutor
Fearow Lv47
Pidgeotto Lv27
Salamence Lv50
Drifloon Lv8
Vivillon Lv50
Pidgeot Lv56
Yveltal Lv26
Fletchling Lv10
Archen Lv15
Pelipper Lv28
Hawlucha Lv48
Rufflet Lv50
Unfezant Lv60
Murkrow Lv15

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