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Can you name the fighting type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Makuhita Lv7
Clawitzer Lv67
Scraggy Lv20
Groudon Lv60
Poliwrath Lv53
Infernape Lv36
Hitmonchan Lv61
Machamp Lv44
Yanma Lv17
Combusken Lv16
Mienfoo Lv33
Gurdurr Lv37
Primeape Lv63
Hawlucha Lv28
Yveltal Lv72
Conkeldurr Lv53
Meditite Lv29
Pangoro Lv57
Mienshao Lv56
Lopunny Lv23
Pancham Lv12
Sudowoodo Lv8
Machop Lv13
Monferno Lv14
Greninja Lv1
Lucario Lv15
Cobalion Lv55
Croagunk Lv22
Heracross Lv43
Sawk Lv1
Hitmonlee Lv9
Virizion Lv42
Keldeo by MoveTutor
Mankey Lv17
Breloom Lv33
Throh Lv25
Machoke Lv36
Regirock Lv25
Hitmontop Lv19
Scyther Lv1
Pinsir Lv22
Jynx Lv33

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