Pokémon Attacks- Electric

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Can you name the electric type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Zekrom Lv100
Mareep Lv15
Klink Lv26
Jolteon Lv37
Voltorb Lv10
Manectric Lv70
Helioptile Lv45
Plusle Lv29
Joltik Lv15
Zekrom Lv50
Lanturn Lv60
Magnezone Lv62
Klinklang Lv76
Pachirisu Lv19
Dedenne Lv17
Rotom Lv22
Magnemite Lv21
Raikou Lv85
Luxray Lv35
Elekid Lv29
Stunfisk Lv9
Electrike Lv4
Electabuzz Lv49
Emolga Lv42
Pikachu by SpecialEvent
Zebstrika Lv47
Zapdos Lv92

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