Pokémon Attacks- Dark

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Can you name the dark type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Axew Lv7
Sneasel Lv28
Deino Lv9
Drapion Lv49
Gengar Lv44
Darkrai Lv66
Sandile Lv22
Mawile Lv6
Houndoom Lv35
Vullaby Lv19
Grimer Lv29
Sableye Lv50
Drilbur Lv22
Corphish Lv26
Skuntank Lv51
Toxicroak Lv41
Zoroark Lv64
Bisharp Lv49
Pangoro Lv48
Dusknoir Lv58
Weavile Lv44
Umbreon Lv9
Honchkrow Lv65
Yveltal Lv18
Liepard Lv47
Spiritomb Lv31
Malamar Lv23
Absol Lv17
Mightyena Lv57
Inkay Lv15
Nuzleaf Lv25

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