Pokémon Attacks- Bug

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Can you name the bug type attacks in the Pokémon game series?

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Vespiquen Lv45
Skorupi Lv20
Illumise Lv41
Vespiquen Lv17
Escavalier Lv60
Scyther Lv25
Vespiquen Lv29
Surskit by TM
Nincada Lv5
Heracross Lv46
Jolteon Lv25
Vivillon Lv55
Volcarona Lv59
Parasect Lv59
Venomoth Lv37
Beautifly Lv34
Ariados Lv32
Scolipede Lv39
Galvantula Lv65
Caterpie Lv1
Shelmet Lv16
Volbeat Lv21
Beedrill Lv16
Yanmega Lv49
Kricketune Lv30

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