Castle Crashers Animal Orbs

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Can you name the animal orbs obtainable in Castle Crashers?

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AbilityAnimal Orb
Faster Digging
Finds Food in Trees
Fast Movement in Water
Regenerates Health
Attacks Fallen Enemies
Knocks Over Enemies
+2 Strength Increase
Gnaws on Enemies
+3 Agility Increase
Increases All Drops
+2 Strength Increase
+2 Defense Increase
Finds Secret Items
AbilityAnimal Orb
+10% Exp. Gain
Fires Lasers
Finds Food in Grass
+1 Strength/Agility
Brings Items to You
+5 Defense/ -5 Agility
Increases Food Health
+1 Strength/Defense/Agility
Prevents Freezing
Attacks Near-Dead Characters
Shows Digging Spots
Higher Jumping
+2 Magic Increase

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