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LyricsMissing WordSong
I'm very hairy, but take note If you so much as whisper _______Evil Roman Emperors
Tending crops and _______ manual labour hurtsThe World War Two Girls
The working man was _______Luddites
Left my home in _______ with sword and pistolBlackbeard
Dinosaurs _______ lets make this clearer, didn't live together, came from different era'sThe Ages of Stone
It’s not all _______ and prayingThe Monk Song
Leave a gap for the mouth and put in artificial _______The Mummy Song
Just one little oversight, we invented _______Victorian Inventions
A _______ prince whose English stankThe 4 Georges: Born 2 Rule
The rocks they are my _______ I then used to boastPachacuti
I only married Queen _______ When my debts began to climbGeorge IV: Couldn't Stand my Wife
Flamingo house sun, means _______ to someHieroglyphics
The cotton's from America and picked by _______ againBritish Things
Our daddy was Rodrigo, I had a _______ egoThe Borgia Family
To stop machines and get you out will cost you a _______ wagesWork, Terrible Work
It's always a _______ getting hold of a cadaverRobert Knox
With cakes, milk and _______ as gifts for the GodsCaveman Love
When I said I fight nude I wasn't counting my _______Celtic Warrior Rap Boast Battle
How did men react? We can't give women votes if their so _______ they'll do thatSuffragette's Song
We flew in tough conditions, lucky to _______ five missionsRAF Song
I reinstated Christmas, make-up, _______ and even playsCharles II: King Of Bling
Puritans bore us, it's really a crime when your parliamentary business cuts our ________ timeThe Civil War Song
LyricsMissing WordSong
King George the fourth and known henceforth as angry _______ and crossRuthless Rulers Song
Though sadly, my head wound up on a spike on London Bridge! Ooh, that ________William Wallace
Now Mike will do a solo thanks to _______The Cowboy Song
Place chicken _______ on your spots, and then you'll be OKPlague Song
When _______ war broke out, me applied for Florence's crewMary Seacole Song
Slept on hammocks without pillows, eating rats and _______Charles Darwin: Natural Selection
Never drowned my brother in a massive vat of _______Richard III
Galahad? No such lad Lancelot? Lance-not, _______ Dear, oh dear!It's Not True
I'd write poems, I would _______ well I would fight a bearI'm A Knight
Make false eyebrows with the _______ skinGeorgian Makeup
Was stitched up by a _______ that's not glamourous... that's lameDick Turpin
Then I dressed like goddess _______ long, black hair in ringlets nicestCleopatra
Each King, Queen and Heir, had a personal _______Blue Blooded Blues
And you offered ________ but we wanted moreThe Viking Song (Literally)
I'm a Greek, I'm a Greek We are all so _______I'm A Greek
High School doesn’t teach ________ it teaches fighting dirtySpartan High School Musical
Then laid eyes on her face and cried 'she's a _______'Divorced, Beheaded and Died
Don't cross us Aztec's we advise ya, or you'll end up as _______Aint Stayin Alive
It's a new world, it wasn't new to the _______Pilgrim Rap
Colchester _______ Saint AlbansBoudicca
Just V no A, no A just V, oh how I _______ my special palVictoria and Albert

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