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APerry's alter ego
BBassist for Love Handel
CThe villain in Team Improbable
DHis father is a famous artist
EWhere Doofenshmirtz discovered a cryptic guitar solo
FIsabella's troop
GPhineas and Ferb's pet fish
HDoofenshmirtz's shadow puppet nemesis
IPhineas and Ferb's #1 fan
JJeremy's band
KHe fought The Beak
LMrs. Flynn Fletcher's pop star name
MCandace mistook him for a Bango-Ru
NDoofenshmirtz's robot
OPerry's Agency
PMr. Fletcher's favorite show
QSong sung by Candace on Mars
RThe Mayor of the Tri-State Area
SCandace's best friend
TBrothers who try to build a better fort
UIt harnessed the power of a toad to make anyone zapped by it ugly
VBuford's last name
WHead of Pinky's division at O.W.C.A.
XOne of Candace's future children
YDoofenshmirtz's country western song
ZHad a hit song about reverse engineering

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