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Can you name the Pokémon (Generation I) missing from the following clues?

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Chemical Elements
Countries of the World
U--ted ------m 
R-pu---c of I---an- 
So-t- Af---- 
D--ocra-ic R-pub--c of t-e C--go 
Mar---l- I-l---- 
Generation I Pokémon
Characters in The Simpsons
Apu -aha-ap--m-pe---o- 
-harl-s Montg-mery --r-s 
-r. M-rv-- Mo---e 
S-nt-'- -ittle Hel-e- 
Milhouse --- H-u--- 
Oscar Best Picture Winners
-ll Qui-t on t-e We-te-n Fr-nt 
La-r-nce -- A--bia 
Shak-sp-ar- in Lo-- 
Slu-d-- Mi-li-naire 
Ar--nd the W-rl- in 80 -ays 
Oxford University Colleges
Har--s --nch---er 
-reen Te-p--t-n 
S-. --h-'s C-l-eg- 
Ma--ale- C-l--g- 
Univ---i-- ---lege 
Best Selling Albums (30 Million Copies Worldwide)
The -ark ---e of t-e M-on 
D---y ---c-ng 
-a---d-- Night Fever 
Ja-ge- L---l- Pil- 
Goodbye Yell-w --ic- Ro-d 
Shakespeare Plays
Ant-n- -n- ---opa--- 
---- --a- 
A -idsu-me- N-ght’s Dr-a- 
-u-- -d- About -o----g 
-he --rry -ives of -inds-r 
Best Selling Books (30 Million Copies Worldwide)
The -i-n, the -i-ch and -he W--d-ob- 
-nne of ---e- -ables 
The V-ry Hu--ry C--erpil--r 
Th- -irl -ith the -ra-o- Tatt-o 
Harry -otter a-d the Deathl- -all-ws 

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