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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
The -e-v-t Undergr-und 
St---y Dan 
-ra-d-aster F--sh and The -ur--us Five 
J--kson --owne 
-dw-rd ---ar 
-o--gang -madeus --za-- 
Fr----ic Chopin 
-a-il-e S-int-Sa-ns 
-iko-ai R-m-ky-Kors-kov 
Beatles Songs
Str-wb-rry -ie-ds Forever 
P-e-se P-e-se -e 
-wist --d Sho-t 
I -m the -a---- 
Do -ou Want to -now - Secret 
Jazz Musicians
Du-e -l-ington 
Joh- -olt--n- 
C--rles -i-g-s 
-ave Br-be-- 
Osc-- -e-e-s-n 
Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums
Ph-sica- Gra-fiti 
Sweet B-b- -ames 
-g- P-pper's L-nel- Hea-ts Club Band 
-oan-n' in th- -oo--i-ht 
Orchestra Instruments
D-ub-- Ba-s 
----h Moon 
D-v- G-o-l 
C-a-li- -att- 
Mick --eet-o-d 
-op-e- ---do- 
David Bowie Albums
---ky --ry 
The Rise --d Fall of Z--g- Stardus- --d the S--de-- from -ars 
D-am--d -o-s 
Gilbert and Sullivan Operas
--e G-ndo-ier- 
-.-.-. --nafo-e 
--e -ikad- 
T-e P--a-e- -f Penzan-e 
T-e -e-me- of th- --a-- 

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