Tottenham Hotspur Superstars.

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Had a goodyear in 2006, Signed for Spurs and made the French World Cup Squad (6,9)
Should have been left back at No.10 (3,8)
Ramos thought he was buyng an 'invincible'....he wasnt!!! (8)
If you dont know this answer, have a stab in the dark (6,9)
Most Expensive Englishman never to play for his country (4,8)
Never the same after the White Flag album, now playing for a grand a week (4)
More famous for his open goal miss then his 4 league goals in 3 years for the club (6,9)
This 'Streetfighting' Swiss broke his ankle in the 99' Worthless cup Final (5,4)
4.5m superstar, once suspended for smoking weed at the Palace (5,8)
An illustrious career saw him go on to play for Northampton, Colchester, Canvey & Grays (5,7)

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