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...human chromosomes or part of the TOOL song '___ & 2'
...a popular model of the Texas Instruments TI graphing calculator
...humans to set foot on Mars
...players on a soccer (football) team
...percentage of values within one standard deviation of the mean in a normal or Gaussian distribution
...the 20th century year of the discovery of the Titanic
...ounces in a Starbucks 'Venti' sized beverage
...flavors of Baskin-Robbins ice cream
...countries in Africa (Sporcle recognized)
...age at which many famous musicians have died (Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, etc)
...gifts given in The Twelve Days of Christmas song, or the percentage of nitrogen in the Earth's atmosphere
...a popular magazine or the coming of age for wizards in the Harry Potter universe
...the card game also known as Blackjack
...the next number in the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55...
...George W. Bush's nickname for his father (former President George H. W. Bush)
...days February has in a leap year
...days of Lent in Christianity or days of rainfall of the great flood in the Old Testament
...often the minimum grade required to pass an exam, or the age of retirement in the UK, Germany, and previously the USA
...states that entered the union (of the USA) before Hawaii
...squares on a chess or checkers board
...Degrees in the popular American boy band
...syllables in the middle line of a haiku
...Seconds to Mars (the American rock band)
...the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
...men who signed the Declaration of Independence
...the percentage that 2/3 is rounded to
...the historic U.S. highway running from Chicago to Los Angeles
...Theses famously written by Martin Luther
...varieties on a Heinz ketchup bottle
...mm of the standard film size used for photography
...members of The Beatles
...signs of the Chinese Zodiac, or number of Angry Men
...the century in which Van Gogh painted 'The Starry Night'
...the atomic number of uranium
...games played by each team in an NHL or NBA regular season
...Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle from The Love Bug
...teams in the NFL or FIFA world cup tournament (since 1998)
...keys on a piano
...the hottest temperature in Fahrenheit ever recorded in Iceland (rounded down to nearest degree)
...days of Hanukkah
...miles in a marathon (rounded down)
...'That __'s Show'
...the German word vierundneunzig or age of the world's oldest father
...the only year in the 20th century that is a palindrome
...the racecar driven by Richard Petty (in real life), and Strip 'The King' Wheathers (in the movie Cars)
...pawns in a chess set or the number after the current Pope's name (Benedict)
...luftballoons in Nena's song or problems in Jay-Z's
...calliber of bullet used in the Smith & Wesson Special revolver
...percentage of alcohol by volume in 148 proof absinthe
...lives that a cat has
...colors on the French flag
...Sheldon's favourite number in 'The Big Bang Theory', or the most losses in a season in NBA history
...provinces in Turkey or nine squared
...hours worked by Jack Bauer during the first four seasons of his TV show
...a craps roll or sports jersey number nicknamed 'Double Nickels'
...years in the Eighty Years' War (or Dutch War of Independence)
...holes in a full round of golf
...playing cards in a standard deck
...the Shepherd's Psalm or the number Michael Jordan wore in the NBA
...the latitude of the North or South pole
...letters in the Hebrew alphabet or the number after 'Catch' in the logical paradox
...the largest two digit prime number or the train number in 'The Wreck of the Old ___' ballad
...the 20th century year when man first landed on the moon, or the number which makes teenagers giggle
...number used to represent the date June second in North America or February sixth in Europe
...colors in the Google logo
...the Bingo call with the nicknames 'Droopy Drawers', 'Open Two Doors', 'Magnum' and 'All the Fours'
...hours in a day
...the sum of numbers 1-9
...inches in a yard
...vertebrae in the normal human spine
...the professional basketball team from Philadelphia
...cost (in pence) of one song from the UK iTunes store
...degrees in each angle of an equilateral triangle
...First Dates shared by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, or the 'golden' wedding anniversary
...the age at which Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa in 1994
...total cents from a half dollar, two dimes, one nickel and two pennies
...a very unlucky day of the month (to the superstitious sort) if it falls on a Friday
...the number following Area, a location in Nevada suspected to contain UFOs
...the record lowest golf score for a single round on the PGA (or LPGA) tour
...the percentage of water of which the human body is composed
...home runs hit by Roger Maris in one record season and the name of the movie made about it
...Days Later in the 2002 zombie movie
...cents in a quarter
...The Loneliest Number
...the street named in the Christmas movie 'Miracle on ___th Street'
...the highest score possible in an Olympic competition, or the height of an NBA basketball net in feet
...people in a set of twins
...strings on a standard guitar
...the Kalashnikov assault rifle, following the letters AK
...the United Airlines flight which crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001 or the number of millions of miles between the Earth and Sun
...the current record in yards for the longest field goal kicked in the NFL
...normal body temperature in degrees Celsius
...the age of a girl celebrating her quinceaƱera
...a prominent Lumber company in the USA and the atomic number of polonium
...the sum of the first seven prime numbers or the most points scored in a game by a rookie NBA player
...ingredients in a Twinkie or a famous Pier in San Francisco
...days in a fortnight or lines in a sonnet
...years represented by the first line of the Gettysburg Address 'Four score and seven years ago...'
...Hours in the CBS television news program
...following SR- in the name of the reconaissance aircraft 'Blackbird' or the alternative rock band

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