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Can you name the countries with extreme temperatures in each category?

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Coldest Minimum Temperature
-69.6C (-93.3F) 
-67.7C (-89.9F) 
-62.8C (-81F) 
-62.1C (-79.8F) 
-56C (-68.8F) 
-53.6C (-64.5F) 
-52.6C (-62.7F) 
-52.3C (-62.1F) 
-51.6C (-60.9F) 
-51.6C (-60.9F) 
Hottest Minimum Temperature
20.3C (68.5F) 
20C (68F) 
20C (68F) 
18.9C (66F) 
18.9C (66F) 
18.4C (65.1F) 
18.3C (65F) 
18.3C (65F) 
18C (64.4F) 
17.5C (63.5F) 
Coldest Maximum Temperature
30.5C (86.9F) 
32.5C (90.5F) 
34.4C (93.9F) 
34.4C (93.9F) 
34.5C (94.1F) 
34.7C (94.5F) 
34.8C (94.6F) 
35C (95F) 
35C (95F) 
35C (95F) 
35C (95F) 
Hottest Maximum Temperature
53.9C (129F) 
53.5C (128.3F) 
53.1C (127.6F) 
52.5C (126.5F) 
52.1C (125.8F) 
52C (125.6F) 
52C (125.6F) 
52C (125.6F) 
51.2C (124.2F) 
50.8C (123.4F) 
Smallest Temperature Range
14.7C (26.5F) 
15C (27F) 
15.5C (27.9F) 
15.6C (28.1F) 
16.8C (30.2F) 
17.2C (31F) 
17.3C (31.1F) 
17.8C (32F) 
18.7C (33.7F) 
18.8C (33.8F) 
Largest Temperature Range
116C (208.8F) 
111.7C (201.1F) 
107.8C (194F) 
106C (190.9F) 
102.5C (184.5F) 
100.7C (181.3F) 
100C (180F) 
98.6C (177.5F) 
97.6C (175.7F) 
94.2C (169.6F) 

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