Sing-Off Teams from seasons 1, 2, and 3

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Can you name the Sing-Off Teams, seasons 1 and 2?

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Season FeaturedGroupFrom/Episode Eliminated or Finish
Season 1Omaha, NE/Episode 1
Season 1Boulder, CO/Episode 1
Season 1Provo, UT/Episode 2
Season 1Baltimore, MD/Episode 3
Season 1Los Angeles, CA/Episode 3
Season 1Cleveland, TN/Third place
Season 1Medford, MA/Second Place
Season 1San Juan, Puerto Rico/WINNER
Season 2Boston, MA/Episode 1
Season 2Cherry Hill, NJ/Episode 1
Season 2Kettering, OH/Episode 2
Season 2New Haven, CT/Episode 2
Season FeaturedGroupFrom/Episode Eliminated or Finish
Season 2Seattle, WA/Episode 3
Season 2Eugene, OR/Episode 4
Season 2Oakland, CA/Fourth Place
Season 2Los Angeles, CA/Third Place
Season 2Nashville, TN/Second Place
Season 2Huntsville, AL/WINNER
Season 3Hortonville, WI/Episode 1
Season 3Branson, MO/Episode 1
Season 3Minneapolis, MN/Episode 2
Season 3Wilsonville, OR/Episode 2
Season 3Los Angeles, CA/Episode 3
Season 3Los Angeles, CA/Episode 4
Season FeaturedGroupFrom/Episode Eliminated or Finish
Season 3Boston, MA/Episode 5
Season 3Newark, DE/Episode 5
Season 3Nashville, TN/Episode 6
Season 3Rochester, NY/Episode 7
Season 3Los Angeles, CA/Episode 8
Season 3Provo, UT/Episode 9
Season 3Washington, DC/Episode 10
Season 3Denver, CO/Third Place
Season 3Hanover, NH/Second Place
Season 3Arlington, TX/WINNER

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