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I just came home one day, and my turtle was missing a foot!
My goldfish is dead!
And Louis's the leader...because that's the only one left.
Here's a coin. Keep the change, you filthy animal.
Mashed potatoes, new baby potatoes, baked potatoes, roast potatoes...
Hello? Is this the doctor?
I think you bit my arm.
He's not coming, man.
No. I won. Yes.
Oh my god! Zayn! I'm like your biggest fan!
There's shell in there!
I've drunk too much energy juice!
That's not even me. It's an imposter.
I've got the double down. I just need to get the triple.
No! Jimmy protested!
Peter Pan!
Do the flick!
Don't swear!
I'm a song.
My worst habit, getting naked all the time.
I want to get it wrong and get sent one of those.
Time to get up!
I'm so hot, man.
We're like five best friends!
Come on, Rick. The race is about to start.
No. Let's not bring that up because it's a very traumatic time for me.
Why are these places so hard to say??
Pixie Lot cuz she's hot.
He just doesn't like going fast!
I'm a big fat idiot!
I don't even say that anymore.
The video diaries are back. The video diaries are back.
Two bananas for a euro.
I'm absolutely freezing my peanuts off.
Zayn Tomlinson
Putting my hat on. What the hell does it look like?
Vas happenin, Celine?
Liam lives a crazy life.
Quick! Do a roll. A rollie pollie.
Get out of my kitchen!
Niall! We just said in an interview that you slept with Carly Rae Jepsen!
1, 2, 3, 7
This is the most annoying ringtone ever.
Oh my god, let's go surfing! Oh my god, this is great!
Direction 1!
She's mine!
I think if today was the last day of me life, I'd go to Nandos, I'd play me guitar, and I'd drink some tinnies.
A pinata!

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