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Can you name the Spell needed to win a wizards duel reacting to the given situations?

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Your arch nemesis (Draco) begins to draw their wand.
Maybe you can confuse him and escape.
Now confused, Draco begins shooting random spells, and sets your best friend (Ron) ablaze. Put out the fire!
Quick! Shielding Charm!
Blind Draco!
The light is hit and everything is darkened...Light the room!
Return the favor and cause Draco to float wherever you point your wand.
Draco is angry and means business now...He uses stupefy on you, but luckily Hermione is nearby to bring you back to consciousness
Get your broom and follow him!
You are passing over the lake, and you know Draco is terrified of what may lurk below the surface...make him lose grip on his broom and fall in!
Draco lands on the astronomy tower, but hits your foot with Engorgio as you land: Fix your foot!
You know Draco is afraid of snakes; make one fly out of your wand at him!
Lift things out of the way until you find him.
Draco is really annoying you: Shut him up.
Freeze him! (bind his body)

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