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They're my spare jumpsuits... it's what the people come to see
that's the jug I keep stuff in
I hate to abuse the privelage, but could you get Dale out of the basement again?
They'll just put the tools down if they want to do the drugs bad enough.
Hey DJ everybody is a week week wack
I can't do that I don't have a stapler.. you know, the bzzz bzzz thing
In my opinion, the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year
Forget him Hank he's chump change
It's salmon Hank, they put salmon in the fish tacos!!!
Sorry I'm late, I had to stop by the wax museum again and give the finger to FDR!!!
AHHH Damn!!! Damn!!! You have damn fine house
Dang 'ol B Dawg
She'd let someone drink out of her own bowl... no matter how drunk they were.
I'm not a chick I'm a dude!
We could pee in places where pee isn't supposed to go!
You didn't kick another person in the groin did you?

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