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Can you name the professional sports teams that won the most championships in its league (NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL) by decade?

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NFL 1920's22,23
NFL 1930's30,31,36,39
NFL 1940's40,41,43,46
NFL 1950's50,54,55
NFL 1950's52,53,57
NFL 1960's61,62,65,66,67
NFL 1970's74,75,78,79
NFL 1980's81,84,88,89
NFL 1990's92,93,95
NFL 2000's01,03,04
MLB 1900's07,08
MLB 1910's12,15,16,18
MLB 1920's23,27,28
MLB 1930's32,36,37,38,39
MLB 1940's41,43,47,49
MLB 1950's50,51,52,53,56,58
MLB 1960's61,62
MLB 1960's63,65
MLB 1960's64,67
MLB 1970's72,73,74
MLB 1980's81,88
MLB 1990's96,98,99
MLB 2000's04,07
MLB 2000's00,09
NBA 1950's50,52,53,54
NBA 1960's60,61,62,63,64,65,66,68,69
NBA 1970's70,73
NBA 1970's74,76
NBA 1980's80,82,85,87,88
NBA 1990's91,92,93,96,97,98
NBA 2000's00,01,02,09
NHL 1920's20,21,23,27
NHL 1930's30,31
NHL 1930's34,38
NHL 1930's36,37
NHL 1940's42,45,47,48,49
NHL 1950's53,56,57,58,59
NHL 1960's60,65,66,68,69
NHL 1970's71,73,76,77,78,79
NHL 1980's80,81,82,83
NHL 1980's84,85,87,88
NHL 1990's91,92
NHL 1990's97,98
NHL 2000's00,03
NHL 2000's02,08

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