Legend of the Seeker characters

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First Wizard
Mother Confessr
Seeker of Truth
Witch Woman
Good Mord'Sith
Bad Mord'Sith
Bad Guy
Known as 'Deaths Mistress' in the books - former Sister of the Light
Rules the Underworld
Really annoying guy in some of season two's episodes
One of the Seeker's best friends from home
Seeker's brother
Seeker's sister
Married to Warren in the books, she is a Sister of the Light
Zedd's brother
Mord'Sith that Cara licks
D Rahl's 'twin'
Scary creature
Mord'Sith with an accent, appears at the end of season two
The second Seeker, falls in love with Cara
D Rahl's dad
Map maker
Kahlan's sister

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