Variations in Consciousness Part 2

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this system consists of the afferent fibres running thought the reticular formation that influence physiological arousal
Sigmund Freud believed that the principal purpose of dreams is _______
Insomnia is about __% more common in women than in men
'Most of us no longer knows that it feels like to be fully alert'
Rosalind Cartwright proposed that dreams provide an opportunity to work through everyday problems, this view was considered to be....
Subjects were awakened over a period of night whenever they began to go into the REM stage
involves the capacity to reduce or block peripheral awareness and noww the focus of ones attention
The contents of childrens dreams dont become adult like until the ages of....
involves the tendency to accept directions and information relatively uncritically
frequent, reflexive gasping for air that awakens a person from sleep
Hobson and McCarley thought that dreams are simply the byproduct of bursts of activity emanating from subcortial areas in the brain. This model was called......
the flow of sleep and waking is regulated through activity in a ________ of interacting brain centres
Austrian physcian that claimed to cure people of illness through an elaborate routine
this occurs when people make do with substantially less sleep than normal over a period of time
There are __ different types of sleep disorders
This term is used when people think they are getting inadequate sleep but really they are
'Dreams are the roal road to the unconscious'
the ability to seperate aspects of perception, memory, or identity, from the mainstream of conscious awareness
This term is when contents of waking life often tend to spill into dreams
Sudden onsets of sleep during normal waking periods
Systematic procedure that typically produces a heightened state of suggestibility
This Scottish physician popularized the term hypnotism, borrowing the term from the Greek word for 'sleep'
abrupt awakenings from NREM sleep, accompanied by intense autonomic arousal and feelings of panic
About 15-20% of adults still use _____ ______ with some regularity
'Dream content in general in continuous with waking conceptions and emotional preoccupations'
This is the practice of children and parents sleep together
The most common sleep disorder, refers to chronic problems in getting adequate sleep
Absorption, dissociation, suggestibility are all components to this
occurs when a person arises and wanders about while remaining asleep, also known as 'sleep walking'
'Dreams are as meaningful as they can be under the adverse working conditions of the brain in REM sleep'
brain structure that is important to sleep and wakefullness is the....
anxiety arousing dreams that lead to awakening, usually from REM sleep

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