The Variations of Consciousness Part 1

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A breif transitional stage of light sleep that usually last a few minutes
During the course of 1 night, the sleep cycle will repeat about this many times
Judgements or thoughts we have some control over
______sleep consists of sleep stages 1-4, which is marked by an absence of rapid eye movement, relatively little dreaming, and varied EEG activity
REM sleep was discovered in this persons lab
This refers to peoples experiences that are task-unrelated thoughts
Monitors the electrical activity of the brain over time by means of recording electrodes attached to the surface of the scalp
If you get less than the amount of sleep that you need you acumulate....
The awareness of internal and external stimuli
These waves are present when you are relaxed, meditating, blank mind
No control and happens with our intentions
A breif burst of higher-frequency brain waves
Periodic flucuations in physiological functioning
Readjustment to jet lag is harder when you fly...
These waves are present when you are in deep sleep
In REM sleep, EEG activity is dominated by this type of wave, which resembles when people are alert and awake
Readjustment to jet lag is easier when you fly....
REM account for about __% of babies sleep
The stage that lasts about 10-25 minutes
These waves are present when you solve a complex problem
______sleep is a relatively deep stage of sleep marked by high frequency, low amplitude brain waves and vivid dreaming
These waves are present when you are in light sleep
REM period get progressively longer peaking at around ______minutes in length
Stage 3 and 4, high amplitude, low frequency delta waves become prominent in EEG recordings
Young adults spend about this percentage in REM sleep
Discoverer of REM
The 24-hour biological cycle that is found in humans and other species
Young adults spend about this percentage in slow-wave sleep
Brief muscular contractions that occur as people fall asleep
A device that records muscular activity and tension

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