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Worthless, absurd, nothing. 
Audacity, bravery, 'balls.' 
Nonsense, ugliness, junk. 
Derogatory term for a male homosexual, or 'little bird' literally.  
Screwed up, messed up. 
'Oh, how terrible!' 
A gentile 
An awkward or uncoordinated person 
To beam with pride or pleasure 
To complain, or an annoying person 
A good man, a person of character 
Crazy, craziness 
A bastard, an untrustworthy person 
To snack 
A bedwetter, an inexperienced person, a young person 
A fool, an easy mark.  
A shoddy, cheaply made article 
A strong term for a jerk, a detestable person 
A gentile boy/man 
A gentile woman 
A dummy, a born loser, easily taken advantage of 
To carry 
An unkempt person, someone looking unkempt 
An unlucky person 
A rag 
To spread 
To hang out, to gossip friendly talk 
To have sex with 
To sweat 
A cheap trinket or toy, also a brainless girl 
Someone's backside 
Choked up 
A busy body, usually an older woman 
A little bit 
A crazy man 
Excessively corny, over the top 

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