All ship names in Glee (Seasons 1-3)

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Can you name the ship names in Glee (Seasons 1-3)?

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CoupleShip Name
Rachel and Santana
Sam and Mercedes
Sebastian and Santana
Sam and Quinn
Puck and Quinn
Sebastian and Blaine
Sebastian and Rachel
Sam and Brittany
Finn/Quinn and Blaine
Thad and Rachel
Puck and Santana
Quinn and Jeff
Holly and Will
Santana and Karofsky
Kurt, Blaine, Will, Finn, and Puck
Kurt and Blaine
Kurt and Sam
Blaine and Mike
Flint and Sebastian
Kurt and Rachel
Brittany and Santana
CoupleShip Name
Rachel and Puck
Nick and Jeff
Kurt and Mercedes
Rachel and Nick
Kurt and Brittany
Flint and Thad
Kurt and Sebastian
Finn and Rachel
Tina and Artie
Rachel and Brittany
Finn and Santana
Wes and David
Blaine and Rachel
Wes and Rachel
Will and April
Sebastian, Kurt, and Blaine
Mercedes and Puck
Blaine and Glee
Quinn, Rachel, Brittany, and Santana
Blaine and Will
Sugar and Rory
CoupleShip Name
Sebastian and Karofsky
Sebastian and Thad
Santana and Quinn
Kurt and Jeff
Wes and his Gavel
Sam and Santana
Finn and Quinn
Santana and Shelby
Will and Emma
Will and Terri
Tina and Mike
Puck and Lauren
Kurt and Chandler
Kurt and Rory
Finn and Puck
Blaine and Cooper
Quinn and Rachel
Tina and Rachel
Kurt and Puck
Artie and Brittany
Rachel and Jesse

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