Ends in 'IOUS'

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Can you name the words ending in -ious?

Updated Feb 2, 2012

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Arousing strong dislike; detestable
Lightheaded or confused or Eddie Murphy in 1983
Intended to attract notice; showy
Very tasty; social bookmarking web service
Abundant; bountiful; plentiful
Not real; imaginary
Careful; tentative
Alert, awake, aware
Easily understood; self-explanatory
Full of disquietude; greatly concerned
Dangerously aggressive; punk rocker Sid
Like Ben Stiller's character in Mystery Men
Relating to faithful devotion
Inquisitive...like George
Highly communicable...like laughter
Quentin Tarantino's Basterds
Arrogant, authoritative; Ruler of the Cylons in the original Battlestar Galactica
Extremely funny
Scholarly; bookish
Beloved or expensive like diamonds, emeralds or rings of power

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